Friday, June 17, 2011

America's Favorite Pastime - Part 2

If you yet read Part 1 of America's Favorite Pastime, by SomewhereMan, do yourself a favor and read it.  Then enjoy Part 2....


"These cookies are really good," Kat said, now in the ninth inning, nearly two hours after their encounter in the suite for the garbage company.

They were still able to walk out, undetected, once they got their clothes back on and their blood was redistributed properly throughout their passion-laden and sweaty bodies.

"Are we just going to go home now?" Kat asked, with a voice full of disappointment.

Clark looked around the press box, as most of the writers had already made the long elevator ride to the locker room for the post-game interviews.  That was out for a possibility but Clark still had ideas.  He always had ideas.

Of course, it would help if he asked someone where the damn elevators were.

Another easy save for the Giants, a 5-2 win over Pittsburgh as the final 13 or 14 media members filed out of the press box, leaving Clark and Kat behind, with only the team PR people, stats workers and dining room attendants left.  Another mellow Tuesday night in a press box.

"Let's go," Clark announced.  "But we're not going home."

"Okay.  Surprise me."

They gathered the still useless camera and laptop bags and followed two fat guys who just screamed "newspaper men".  The men looked like they knew were they were going and, sure enough, they went right to the elevator. 

Within sixty seconds, the elevator opened, leaving Kat and Clark in the bowels of AT&T Park.

"Want to see the clubhouse?" Clark asked.

"You have anything better in mind?" Kat asked, resisting the urge to grab his ass while smiling at him.

"Actually...I do."  The Giants' locker room was to their right.  Instead, Clark went to the left.  "This is Pittsburgh.  It'll be deserted over there.  Trust me on this."

Clark explored this concrete tunnel and, at the end of it, spotted a couple of the Pirates stepping on the hard floor, the sound of their cleats booming through the tunnel.

He stopped, just shy of the Pirates' locker room.  "See?  It's deserted.  No media.  Little security.  Follow me.  Look like a professional."

"Oh, whatever," Kat said, giggling and rolling her stunning blue eyes.

A long tunnel awaited, about twenty yards from the Pirates locker room to the playing field itself. 

Clark took the lead, hopping up the steps at the end of the tunnel, into the Pittsburgh dugout.  Baseball dugouts are fairly nasty, with shells and tobacco spit all over.  Even if Kat loved getting fucked from behind, they needed a cleaner place than this.

"What's in here?" Clark asked, stepping back down the stairs to a supply room.  He opened the door and turned on a light.  Towels.  Bats.  Bags. 


"Pirates aren't leaving until tomorrow.  We should be okay... just don't take too long, Beautiful Kat."

Kat nodded, loving the fact that clean white shower towels filled the room amid the extra bats.  Without being prompted, she undid her jeans and even pulled her black top off. 

"May as well go all the way," Kat said, laughing.  "Come on, Clark, don't be shy.  If I'm buck, you should be, too.  We don't have much time!"

Kat took a finger to play with herself as Clark got out of his clothes as fast as he good, hopping on one foot to get his size 15 feet out of the bottom of the jeans.

She made a makeshift "landing spot" for her hands with the towels.

"Inside of me, now... I want you now!"

Clark stroked himself a little more to full size and he was ready for her.  They didn't have much time as this was now, officially, high-risk.  Seeing her beautiful ass as Kat spread her sweet cheeks apart for him made him stay so hard.

He eased into her wet pussy, sliding in slowly, at first, until the tip of his cock reached the back walls of her ready and moist cavity.

In...and out...

Kat bucked with each thrust, swiveling her hips.  "That's SO GOOD!" she moaned between her short breaths now that Clark was filling her with his passion.

Holding on tight to her hips, Clark looks down as his cock would slide in and now he swirled his around her pussy while slipping a finger down to reach her hot clit. 

"Keep doing that," Kat sighed.  "Don't stop."

Two hours since their last encounter in the suite, Clark's cock has fully reloaded.  His eventual and building explosion wouldn't be a tidal wave but it would be even more satisfying because of the mind-blowing woman who wanted nothing more than to fuck him at a Giants game.

A Giants game. 


They heard footsteps...cleats just a few feet away.  Clark pulled out, taking three steps to shut the door to the tunnel that led to the Pittsburgh dugout. 

"Where was I?" Clark mumbled as he put his cock back inside of her.  "Oh, that's right... right here."

By now, Kat has rested her head on the towels, shooting her ass a little higher into the air.  Clark knew she loved doing this -- loved any hot sex from behind as she felt him slapping against her while inside of her, his balls touching her delicate and, now, well-worn clit with each stroke.

Clark looked down at Kat's hands, now clutching the white towels.  Neither of them had much longer before their second hard climaxes of the game.

He closed his eyes, thinking of how lucky he was to have met this Czarina of Hot Blogging, the Beauty of Northern California.  What a lucky man he was.

"OOOH! I'm there!" Kat screamed, as if the climax had kind of snuck up on her and, especially, on him.  Clark felt his cock have a little less room to move as Kat's body exploded with love and passion overflowing throughout her sexy, 5'4" frame.

Now Kat only wore a smile, her sweat and her endless tingles.

Holding her warm body even closer, Clark's balls fired the first burst of cum through his dick, shooting out of the tip and deep within Kat's ready pussy.  He held off the next thrust until a second burst was ready for release.  He stuck his exploding cock deep, deep within her walls, swirling it around inside of her and chills filled his body.

Clark wanted to stay like this for a week, inside of her.

They held each other like this for another 30 seconds.

"You know," Clark said, pulling out and leaning in for a kiss.  "I'm sorry we didn't get to kiss enough."

She kissed him back.  "Oh, that's okay.  Time was of the essence tonight.  That's okay.  Just kiss me for three hours tonight when we get home.  Maybe you'll be ready for a third time."

Kat started to put her black shirt back on.  "Time to go home?"

"Actually not quite yet.  I want to walk onto the field with you?"

"Really?" Kat said.  "That would be great.  Why is that, luv?"

Clark laughed and looked into her eyes.  "I want to take your hand and touch home plate with you.  After what we did here tonight, that only makes sense."


Riff Dog said...

SomwhereMan is really good at this.

Kat said...

Yes, indeed, Riff. SomewhereMan is very good at this. I'd like to learn what other skills he has. ;-)