Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday Fantasy - Lust Found

This is the conclusion of the fantasy story written by myself and Cara, Read Part 1 if you haven't already. Enjoy.

Jim steps forward and extends a hand in greeting, “It’s nice to meet you Mary.” Mary shakes his hand then gives him a friendly hug, “Sue’s told me so much about you, it’s nice to meet you too”, she replies.

Mary turns and steps toward Sue with a mocking smile, “However it would have been nice to get a phone call letting me know we were having company.” Putting an index finger gently under Sue’s chin she draws her in kissing her on the lips. Jim notices the kiss linger a bit longer than expected, the corner of his mouth is drawn up in amusement. This is new, he thinks.

Mary says, “Go sit down and catch up. I’ll get us some wine -- or would you prefer a beer Jim?”

“A beer sounds perfect”, says Jim. Nodding Mary turns and heads toward the kitchen. Jim’s gaze follows the sway of her hips as she strides away.

Sue slaps Jim on the shoulder and he jumps. She flashes him a cheerful smirk, “Well it’s not hard to see that you like Mary.” Beckoning him out to the living room they sit opposite one another, Sue in a chair and Jim on the end of the overstuffed couch. Mary returns with wine, hands Jim his beer, then sits next to him on the couch.

Immediately after Mary had seated herself, Sue stands, “I’ll be right back”, she says then leaves the room.

Jim looks over at Mary and smiles and then finds himself puzzled, her demeanor has changed. She’s leaning toward him with half lidded eyes reflecting mischief and mock innocence. She turns placing a hand high on Jim’s thigh, he can feel the warmth of her fingers on his inner thigh. Confused and a little wary he looks toward the entryway wondering where Sue is.

“Jim, Sue has told me a lot about you”, Mary says. She leans in kissing him sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Jim enjoys the kiss allowing it to linger, but keeps his hands to himself. Where is Sue? How is she going to feel about this?, he wonders. Then he hears her, Sue clearing her throat. He looks up into Sue’s flat hard gaze. Her eyes flicker from Mary to the lipstick he is sure is on his mouth. His mouth falls open to speak, but no words come out.

Sue is very still as she looks down at them, in the silence the tension builds. Her flinty eyes turn on Mary. “I can’t believe you were going to start without me!”, mock anger oozes from her voice. “Well, let’s get him undressed”. She kisses Mary then begins to unbutton Jim’s shirt. Smiling as her fingers nimbly work she finds herself wishing for a camera so she could freeze the look on Jim’s face in time.

Clothes are shed along with inhibitions and Sue is laying on her back, hips on the arm of the couch. Her own hand on her breast twists her nipple. Biting her lip in anticipation she watches as Mary leans toward her sex. She gasps as fingers gently part her wet folds and Mary’s hot tongue makes light teasing contact with her clit, then glide down one of her pussy’s lips and up the other. “Mmmmmm...”, she moans and smiles contentedly looking up at Jim.

Mary is standing bending down to Sue, Jim behind her. She feels him trace a finger down her spine causing her to shiver. Sue open before her she breathes in her sultry, musky scent. She lovingly teases her with her tongue. Sue’s hips begin to rock, she slides one finger inside, then two. Behind her she feels Jim’s hard cock brush her inner thigh. Involuntarily she arches her back hearing herself and Sue moan in unison.

Jim hungrily looks down at Mary’s bare back. He slides his hands down her sides and grips her hips. He moves one hand around her front, down her belly, the other hand glides over her ass where both begin to explore Mary’s sex. He slides a finger insider her, Mary’s legs shudder. The moans of both women are in his ears. Indulging his eyes he takes in the scene before him, bare female flesh and curves. Looking directly into Sue’s eyes he raises his hand, wet with the juices of Mary’s cunt and tastes her. Sue contentedly smiles at him as he slides his pulsing manhood inside Mary. Grabbing Mary’s hips, he feels her shake and hears her muffled moan.

The three of them find a rhythm of escalating tension and urgency. Moans turn to frenzied sexual cries. Jim eyes stare intently into Sue’s never breaking contact. Together they share intimate memories of love they have shared, echos of the past reborn. One by one they each climax and even as Jim gasps and shudders with orgasm his eyes stay rapt locked onto Sue’s.

Lust lost has been found... plus one.

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