Sunday, May 8, 2011

Four Inches of Pure Happiness

No, I'm not talking about a tiny dick (although you can read my opinion about cock size in the post, Does Size Matter?). I'm referring to a little pocket-sized vibrator I received recently for review. I thought I'd share the details of my experience - including all about my test session - with you, my prowler buddies.

I got a package in the mail at work about two weeks ago.  One of my employees came in and handed it to me. "A package just arrived for you," he said.  I tried to respond as casually as I could, "Thanks.  Just put it on my desk.  I'll get to it in a bit." I waited until he left to look at it. Just as I was told, the packaging was very discreet, nondescript.  There was no evidence at all that it was a lovely little sex toy from Eden Fantasys.  I left the box on my desk until the end of the day when everyone was gone.  Then I opened it.

Inside was another little box labeled, "Rocket & Lubricant 4-Way Pleasure Kit."  My, my, my!  Now that's a box just begging to be opened, isn't it?   Inside was a little 4" pocket rocket vibrator with 4 interchangeable heads (nubbed, noduled, studded, and smooth) so you can change the texture of the business end to match your mood (or need). The kit also came with some lubricant that I found totally unnecessary, but it's never a bad thing to have some extra lube around, is it? For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, pocket rockets are little vibrators that can fit in your pocket, as the name implies.  They are not typically intended for insertion, but for clitoral stimulation, although you can use it however you'd like, I suppose.

I immediately tried to turn it on, only to be disappointed to learn that I needed a AA battery. I was alone, webcam ready, horny.....and not a gosh darn AA battery to be found in my office.  That's a cruel twist of fate, isn't it?  So, I shot a quick IM to DauntlessD to tell him the goodie had arrived.  I snapped a picture to send to him, and he teased me about not being prepared with a battery.

I brought it with me when I met Dauntless for lunch a few days later.  Yes, I had located a battery by then. I had been too busy to actually stop and buy batteries, but I stole one from another piece of equipment.  I won't tell you where I took it from, but let me just say that it is a piece of medical equipment....stealing a battery from it demonstrates exactly how severe my need to cum is. Anyway, I'm not a shy gal, so I pulled the little vibe out of my purse and passed it across the table to Dauntless. He was surprised like I was about how little it really was.  Four inches really is small, ya know. And I'm talking about 4" using a standard ruler to measure, not the funky ruler that some of you guys must use to measure yourselves and report sizes of 6" - 9".  But I digress......

Then Daunt turned it on and we both were a bit startled at how loud it was.  It wasn't like an airplane engine or anything like that, but it certainly isn't something you can use in a public place without folks knowing exactly what you're doing (I know, that can be fun, too, sometimes).

We also noticed that it only has one speed, and it felt like it would be pretty intense.  I have always preferred vibes with variable speeds. The interchangeable heads looked like they could be fun. One of the downsides, though was that the same switch for turning it on and off is the switch for opening the battery compartment, so if you turn it too far when you're turning it off, it pops open.  That's not good, but it would be a minor inconvenience, at worst. Yes, there we sat at a table in a restaurant, playing with a little pocket vibe, passing it back and forth, talking about it openly, not particularly caring about the shocked reaction of the old folks at the next table.

I carried the little guy (yes, vibrators are male in my mind) around in my purse for a long time.  Too long, but work was crazy and I couldn't find time to evaluate it properly.  When I did find the time, I was very, very pleased.

My first test was in my car.  I was traveling for work and I was between meetings, so I drove out of the town I was in on a country road and found a nice, secluded, shady spot to park. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and slipped my panties off.  Then I unbuttoned a few buttons on my blouse and unhooked my bra so I could easily expose my nipples. I readjusted my seat back to a reclining position and put one foot up on the dash.

I decided to try the studded head first.  Why not go for the gusto? What was the worst thing that could happen? I turned the noisy little thing on and started rubbing the head across one of my nipples.  Nice.  Then the other.  Very nice. Hmmm....I could get used to this.

Then it was time for the real test.  I traced it down my belly and between my legs and just kind of experimented with the different sensations of sliding it across my inner thighs, around my pussy lips....

I slowly slid it over my clit and WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It hit "the spot" and sent a hard jolt of pleasure through me that made me drop the vibe on the floor of the car and sit straight up.  Holy shit! What was that?

I picked up the vibe and decided to try again, knowing what to expect this time.  It took me about 15 seconds to find just the right spot.  When I did, I applied just a little pressure and held it there. That jolt I had felt a minute before came back, but this time I didn't let go of the vibe; I just held it there and relaxed into it. Within 10 seconds, my hips were starting to shake and I was having trouble holding the vibe still on the right spot (but I managed, of course).  Note to self:  Try this with someone else holding it. Within 20 seconds, I was moaning and squirming. At about 30 seconds, I was pressing it harder against my clit and cuming hard - head back, shuddering, screaming like I do.

Soon, it just got too intense and I pulled it away from my clit and rode out the rest of the orgasm as I moved it around my clit in little circular movements. When the last little bit of shuddering was finished, I pulled the little vibe up where I could see it and looked at it. It was pretty wet.  So was my hand....and the seat of my car. It's a good thing that it's "water resistant," I thought, smiling to myself.

I used my panties to clean myself up as best I could, and went about the rest of my day visiting clients without any panties on. I had enough residual dampness that I avoided sitting down at meetings, lest the back of my skirt give away how wet I still was.

On the way home, I pulled over about halfway and tried one of the other interchangeable heads - nubbed, this time. O.M.G! It was just as amazing as the first time, although I think I prefer the studded head slightly more.  O.k., the first time wasn't just a fluke because I hadn't had sex in two weeks. Good to know.

While I'm thinking about it, here are a few things I want to pass on about this little goodie:
  1. I didn't even notice the noise when the toy was...uh..."in service."
  2. I had no trouble with it popping open when I turned it off, although I'll admit I was being careful.
  3. Even though it only has one speed, that speed and intensity level was apparently just right for me.
  4. I think I need two of these little babies - one for my clit, and one to rub on my nipples at the same time. Mmmm......
You can find this little goodie and other sex toys at By the way, this little pocket rocket sells for $9.99.

In case you're wondering, I did not receive any payment for writing these nice things about my new little toy and I don't get a commission if they sell any; however, Eden Fantasys did send me the little guy for free to test.

And I'm keeping this four inches of pure happiness for myself.


Cara Janes said...

Perhaps this week's HNT picture could be one of you with your new little guy. Wouldn't THAT be fun?!

@PerfectSnack said...

Perhaps some audio of you and little guy singing a sexy duet??? If you wanted quieter, find one with a high quality Japanese motor, which will also last longer; it also might have variable speed. having another is a good idea so you have a backup. But there's always the Hitachi...;)