Monday, May 30, 2011

Dinner with Kat, Beth and JJ....but I Was Late

Cara decided to write her own version of the evening out with Kat, Beth and JJ ........

I never heard Beth knocking at the front door, even though she later told me she had spent 5 minutes there knocking, ringing the door bell, and even calling my cell phone.  It had been a long day of working in the yard.  I really wanted a hot shower. I knew I had to clean the sweat from my body and get the dirt out from under my nails. Kat had told me about JJ, how hot he was, and I wanted to make a good impression. I knew he had seen me before, my breasts, in the pics you have all seen, and Kat had said how much he liked them. There is something delicious about knowing how a man is attracted to you, knowing how you look, but knowing  the night was going to be nothing more than talk-hopefully with some hot sex talk though.

Oh, back to why I was late. I have learned the shower is the perfect opportunity for alone time. There is something about the hot water hitting my body. The lather of the soap when I wash my breasts, my arms, face and well, you know. But this time, there was something else. I haven't told too many people about this, but when I brush the tips of my fingers with a small brush I have, to help clean under my nails, it sends a shiver through me. I would like to say it sends it up my spine, but that wouldn't be the truth. It goes straight to my pussy. Its an unbelievable feeling. One I very easily get lost in.

My nipples were already hard from when I lathered them. But, when those shivers started I knew I had to do something. It would be just to hard to keep my thoughts on conversation knowing I wet I had been earlier. The first couple of times my finger rubbed against my outer lips I tried to keep my eyes open. But I couldn't. I had to close them, to imagine my own lover putting a finger in me, against my clit, rubbing gently, lovingly. I know where I like to be touched and I am not afraid to glide my lovers finger to just the right spot. I put my foot up on the edge of the tub. I wanted to rub my clit and I wanted to make sure at least two fingers could hit it. My free hand, well I used that to pinch my left nipple. I learned that is a must when my clit is touched. It is an unbelievable feeling. Well, now you know why I never heard Beth.

It turns out I forgot to lock my back door. Beth was able to find her way in my bathroom and when I opened up my eyes she was staring at me through my clear shower curtain. I had to laugh, what else could I do. She had a gorgeous smile on her face. I have a feeling watching me made her night a very long one. She didn't ask me who I was thinking about. But she did ask if I needed to finish. I said no, her timing just happened to be perfect.

Beth threw me a towel and I dried off. I asked her to pick me out a pair of panties and she went to my drawer. She threw my a black lace thong, always, her taste perfectly matched my mood. Perfectly. I had already picked out a shirt, one that would show off the girls. My pushup bra made them even more noticeable, as Beth pointed out. Good, I thought. I knew I had to do that. I finished off my outfit with blue jeans and my red fuck me heels. When I wear those it strikes me that men really do pay attention to good fashion.

By the time I got ready we were a little late. But, a little quick driving got us to the theater just in time to walk in with Kat. As always, Kat was looking quite gorgeous herself. I liked the black blouse she was wearing.  Kat doesn't always like to show off her girls, but tonight was different. I'm glad she was. Hers aren't as big as mine, but they are quite delicious when she shows them off. No doubt she wanted to give JJ something to think about when she saw him at dinner.

I asked Kat if she was looking forward to dinner. She said not really for dinner, but dessert was something different. I should have asked her then what she was thinking, but I guess as it turns out the later surprise made the evening even better. When we sat down Kat whispered to me how gorgeous I looked. I wanted to say, "I know", but all that came out was a polite thank you. I wanted to tell her about my shower, but before I could she whispered in my ear about horny she was. I knew I should probably wait to tell her my story. After all, she already had sex on her mind and had to make it through a two hour movie. I asked her what she was thinking about and she let out a small laugh. She asked, "ever give a hand job in a theater?" I laughed, "no." "I have", she said. I laughed. But I knew how I had to ask her more about that later. The thought had made me wet. I mean, how often are you watching a boring movie and your thoughts are on sex anyway. A theatre is dark, the seats are close. I'm fairly certain I could be pleasured in my seat and am also quite certain I could pleasure another. Oh, we did see a movie. It was really funny. 

To be continued....

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