Sunday, May 29, 2011

JJ, Kat, Cara, Beth....and Peanut Butter

JJ has now become the first of our prowling friends to meet the whole Prowling with Kat crew in person. He met DauntlessD a couple of days ago, and he met Cara last night. Of course, he's known me for awhile (yes, in the biblical sense). For some reason, introducing JJ to my good friends Cara and Dauntless felt a lot like taking him home to meet mom and dad, in spite of the fact that Cara does not look anything like my mother and Dauntless is not my dad (even though I did purr when he said, "Who's your Daddy?" early in our relationship). It meant something to me for them to meet him and give their approval. I'll let you guess what that means.

But I digress....

The evening started out as a girls night out. I met Cara and another friend, Beth, at a movie theater. Our plan was to see a movie and then go out to dinner to meet JJ.  Cara was gorgeous, as always. She wore a cute peasant blouse (just tight enough to show off her.... uh....features), a pair of tight, perfectly fitted jeans, and some very hot bright red, 5" pumps. She is definitely one of those women who turns heads as she walks into a room, any room, with her mix of "cute girl next door" face, beautiful long blond hair, and "OMG hot!" body.

Beth was cute as a button, too, but in more of a "I'm confident and look hot in jeans and tennis shoes" kind of way. I found myself staring at her pretty long brown hair several times, especially when she would play with it almost absentmindedly, pulling it back into a ponytail, then into another do later, then another. As we waited for the movie to start, I got to see some of Beth's tattoos, which fascinate me because I don't have any myself. We'll have to see if we can talk Beth into showing off some of her ink in an HNT one of these days.

There I go again, getting off track....

So, the movie was fun, and we went to dinner afterwards. Beth, Cara, and I were seated first, Beth next to me and Cara across from us with the empty chair next to her. I'll admit that I was a little disappointed and jealous because JJ would sit next to her and I'd have no opportunity to touch his leg or play footsie with him under the table. Oh well.... There was nothing to be done about it at that point. At least I would get to gaze at them both across the table, a pleasurable experience in itself.

JJ soon joined us and we got through that awkward first introductions phase and soon we were having a great time and laughing. Beth is just hilarious. She made me laugh so hard and so much that my cheeks hurt.  There were so many fun exchanges that it's hard to know which one to share with you, but I finally decided.

We were ordering dessert and decided on something involving a peanut butter cookie and vanilla ice cream. That's when we learned that Beth and I share a fondness for peanut butter (Who knew?):

Beth: I love peanut butter on anything, even straight out of the jar, but it looks strange if you don't put it on something...

Kat: Me, too!

Beth: Like celery...

Cara: Or a spoon...

Kat:  Or crackers...

Cara:  Or Kat's body...

(stunned silence, then laughter)

Kat: and I can discuss that later, Cara (wink)

JJ: On that note, I'll excuse myself for a bit. (Seriously, how is a man who doesn't want to draw attention to himself supposed to respond to that in a public place?)

(JJ steps away from the table)

Cara: (very concerned that she embarrassed him and made him uncomfortable) Kat, text him and let him know I wasn't talking about *him*. I was talking about *me* licking it off your body.

Kat: Oh, I think he got that. LOL.

JJ rejoined us shortly and we continued our fun and slightly naughty conversation while I stared at JJ, unable to take my eyes off him. Ok, ok, every now and then I stole a glance at Cara's perfect tits, but come on, who wouldn't???

The evening ended much too soon for my taste, but one thing is for sure: We will all be going out again. Maybe next time we'll talk Dauntless into joining us.

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