Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Few Random (but Fantastic!) Thoughts from Kat

You've probably noticed from my sparse posting that I've been a bit busy lately. I wish I could say that I've been so tied up having great sex that I couldn't write (well, I do have a hot story to share with you soon...I'm Kat, after all), but the truth is that I've been working 16 hour days and work has been kicking my arse. Thankfully, you have been entertained by my good friends Dauntless and Cara in my absence. I've been quite entertained by them, too.

Speaking of Dauntless and Cara, if you're new to Prowling with Kat you may be wondering who the players are. I, of course, am Kat. I've been married for twenty-something years but I like to prowl. You can read more about that in the post Why Kat Prowls. I publish my adventures here for fun. I met DauntlessD on AM and we have become close friends (yes, seriously.... Not everything is about sex, ya know). Read his post about our friendship if you want to know more. Cara is a friend of mine in the real world, and she has the the distinction of being the only person in my real life who knows my husband and also knows about this blog and the details of my prowling. I introduced Cara to Dauntless and now you can think of us as your Prowling with Kat threesome. Oh yes, fellow Prowlers, I'm way ahead of you. Negotiations are in the works to get some HNT photos of all three of us together. I expect that to be a bigger event than a WikiLeaks document dump, Oprah's last show, and the death of Osama bin Laden - combined. Stay tuned.

So, other than working, what have I been up to? Well, I reactivated my AM profile for a couple of weeks (I pulled it again, so don't bother looking for me there) and I have a whole new list of tips to share with you soon. And I can confidently announce that, yes, there are still good men to be found there.

I also received a nice new mini-vibe from Eden Fantasys to try out and review. Would you believe that I've been so busy that I carried it around in my purse almost two weeks before trying it? I know! That's outrageous! I've tried it once, but I promised a good friend that I would demo it for him on webcam before I review it and Kat always keeps her word (well, except to my husband when I promised to be faithful until death, but come on, he couldn't have thought I was serious). Besides, my webcam buddy is absolutely delicious, so why wouldn't I demo it for him first? I'll tell you more about it over the weekend, but for now I'll just say that it's a really good thing that the little vibe can get wet safely.

There's a new cheater's blog out there you should check out. Strayer is author of Waiting on the Inbox, a chronicle of his Ashley Madison experience. It's worth a look.

The most important news I have to share with you today is that the doctor has cleared me for sex!  Woohoo! So, the sex moratorium is over and I can get back to living again. I survived it.....and can't wait to see my honey.


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Cara Janes said...

Awwww, Kat, you're delicious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, and happy hunting.