Saturday, May 21, 2011

Secrets About DauntlessD

DauntlessD went away on a weekend fishing trip with the guys and he wouldn't let me come along. Apparently, having a penis is a pre-requisite for a fishing trip. So, in retaliation, I'm posting some of his secrets. He has no cell access and very limited internet access where he is, so he won't be able to do anything about it until he's back next week. Even if he takes this post down as soon as he's back in town, the dirt will still be out there for several days.

The moral of the story? Be nice to this pussy Kat or you'll pay. ;-)

Secret #1: As a young teen, Dauntless used to masturbate while watching videos of the Solid Gold Dancers. Yes, he shared this in his recent TMI post, but I wanted to repeat it just in case anyone missed it.

Secret #2: He's an insufferably nice guy. Seriously. Nice. Too nice.

Secret #3: He calls his boxers, "Man Panties."

Secret #4: He also authors a political blog (sorry, I can't tell you which one, but it's quite good).

Yeah, I know. I'm still laughing at Secret #3, too. LOL.

Secret #5: He acts all cool and suave around here, but he's really a geek (computer geek, gadget geek, etc.). Oh, he's a hot looking geek, but a geek nonetheless.

Secret #6: Dauntless has three AM profiles - the nice guy, the bad boy, and the kinky Master. Yes, he's all three of those in real life, too, but the nice guy is the front man most of the time. But when that bad boy shows up....mmmm.

Ok, I'll stop there. I've saved the most embarrassing secrets for another day. I can't use up all my ammunition at once, can I? ;-)


Ryan Beaumont said...

Ahh.. Us guys just need time away. Like D I am often trying to be so sophisticated.

But today I am passing by here taking a quick break from my afternoon in full blue collar mode enjoying hauling mulch in a borrowed pick up truck - Ya Hooh!

GoodWill said...

LMAO, love it. And yep...still laughing at man panties (although I will totally steal that and use it at some point).

Naughty Kitty said...

This made me smile.