Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TMI Tuesday with Cara - May 24, 2011

Our very own sweet Cara has decided to jump in and play TMI Tuesday with us! 

1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
I would only kiss a stranger if he/she was hot, or if I was paid to...  
2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
Can we pretend that the question asks about any type of message, not just a text message? Okay, good! I sent an email message to the kinky neighbors saying that if they're going to continue to be that loud [having sex] they should at least be considerate and invite me.
3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?
The last text message I received was this afternoon while I was in a meeting. It was sent by a colleague and read "I can see your panties". I thought to myself "Oh yes, I did wear panties today". 
4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?
The longest relationship I've had was 9 years. The shortest was about 2 months and was with a smokin' hot firefighter, who was married to his high school sweetheart.  
5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?
I would definitely be eaten. If I had to eat though, I'd absolutely bring my own. I would not be up for eating what could be someone else's sloppy seconds. I like to pick these things out myself.
6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?
"Try-Sexual": willing to try anything sexually. ;-)


Anonymous said...

2. Love your answer.
So...did you hear back? Have you been invited?

6. ""Try-Sexual": willing to try anything sexually. "

...Brilliant! I'm going to use this.

Happy TMI Tuesday.


Kat said...

Cara-- I love this! You are so funny!

Cara Janes said...

Thanks, Kat! You're funny, too. Regarding the "Try-Sexual" comment; it was either that, or "buy-sexual". I do like gifts and surprises so when someone buys me something, well, you can figure out the rest...