Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whatever He Wants (Part 2) - A Naughty Encounter

When I got to JJ’s cock, he was hard again. I kissed it and licked it lightly, teasing him the way he liked to tease me.  Yes, turnabout is fair play, I thought. I cupped his balls in my hand and squeezed gently as I took the head into my mouth and sucked slowly. I asked him where the lube was.  He motioned to the nightstand, so I reached over and grabbed it.  It was new and I couldn’t get it open and I had to ask him to open it for me (talk about a mood killer, I know).  When I poured some into my hand I squealed a bit because it was so cold!  I knew there was no way I could put that coldness on his cock and balls – not if I wanted him to stay hard anyway. I sucked him slowly while I let the lube warm up in my hand.

When it felt warm (well, at least not freezing), I started spreading it on his balls and his cock, and then I slid my hand down and spread some around his asshole. I looked up at him as he moaned and he was laying back with his eyes closed, just enjoying the sensations.  That’s exactly what I wanted him to do. I moved around, stroking his cock, then sliding a finger in and out of his ass – just a little at first, then a little more…..  He was moaning softly but steadily as I pleasured him.  Then I heard him say, “Suck me.” He read my mind. ;-)  I took his cock into my mouth and pressed all the way down, feeling it in the back of my throat.  He gasped and pressed his hips up toward my mouth. After a few strokes, I slid a finger back into his ass and began moving it in and out, rhythmically, trying to match the tempo of my mouth on his cock.

I could feel him getting into it, rocking his hips, moaning, his cock getting rock hard in my mouth.  Then he surprised me and said, “Push your finger in deeper.” My, my, my…..I was trying not to push him too far with our first session of ass play for him, but I was more than willing to comply with his request.  I slid my finger all way in, as far as I could.  He pumped his hips harder. I felt his hand on the back of my head, guiding me to suck him faster. I kept my hand and my mouth moving together as best I could, but it wasn’t easy to keep pace with him as he was wildly thrusting his thick cock into my mouth.

He moaned and said, “Oh, Baby, I want to cum.”

Where do you want to come, Sweetie,” I purred (yes, talking with a cock in one’s mouth is an acquired skill).

He paused and then he said, “I want your ass.”

And then....

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