Friday, May 20, 2011

Kat's Favorite Sex Blog Posts from Around the Web This Week

It's finally Friday! I thought I'd share some of the best blog posts I read this week.  If you're not following these folks, you should be.

That's Two (Regret?) - This was posted today by the Liam, author of The Accidental Philanderer. Who among us hasn't wondered about regrets?  The luckiest have few, or none. This post has a beautiful poem about regret that will surprise you, but don't stop reading there. There's some powerful writing to be read throughout this blog.

Sex + Food + Outside = Fucking Hot!!! - This one is by Adam, author of The Mind of a Married Man. It got me so hot that I had to literally excuse myself to the little girl's room for some "private time." While you're there, browse through Adam's HNT photos. Wow! (The note about the photos was for the ladies, of course.)

How real it is. - Ms. Inconspicuous, author of The Anatomies of a Marriage, writes superb prose.  This brief post is one of my favorites of all time because of how beautifully she describes the reality of infidelity for many of us.

Funny Story - I love it when a post makes me laugh.  This one did. Will Morton, author of GoodWill. . . is responsible for it, and I love it when people know that sex is supposed to be fun...and sometimes funny, too.

Crossing a Line. Then Another ... - This post is from last week, but since I've gone back to re-read it several times this week, I'm including it here. a6y is one of my favorites, and this post is a must read for anyone who has enjoyed (or who has thought about enjoying) intimacy through a webcam.

When you're done reading those, come back to Prowling with Kat and catch up on any of the 11 posts from this week that you may have missed.


GoodWill said...

You're too sweet...thanks for the recommendation, it really was a fun story to retell, too! Glad others can get a laugh with me (at me!) as well...

Adam said...

Thanks Kat! You are too good to me ;) Glad you liked that story I shared. At this stage, it's just a fantasy but I have a hot friend coming over next week and we're going to see if we can make it reality!

Kat said...

Will - Yeah, that's what they call me, "Sweet Kat"...NOT! LOL. Your post really did make me laugh when I really needed a little laughter in my day. Thanks for that.

Adam - I can't wait to read how the reality compares to the fantasy. I'm so jealous of your "hot friend" that I can barely write. Enjoy!

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