Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running Hot, an HNT Fantasy

Finishing my nice long morning run my body glistened with a sheen of sweat. I was hot so I went to my backyard to hose myself off. I removed my top and laid down, soaking up and enjoying the sun. My muscles felt good, loose and relaxed from the exertion. Closing my eyes my mind began to drift... I began thinking about how my body craved an intense orgasm and this delicious man who has commented on my HNT pictures. Snapshots flashed through my mind of him with visuals of what I would like him to do to me. A fantasy forms in my mind and a new different heat spreads through my body...

I’m in line for a ride at a water park. He is in line in front of me and turns around to chat while we await our turn for the water slide. I’d fantasized many times about meeting him and now suddenly he’s in front of me. My heart begins to pound with excitement. His eyes casually slide down my body, then I see his gaze pause on my stomach. He’s noticed the freckle, the one so easily seen in my HNT photos. The brief glow in his eyes is unable to hide the recognition, he knows. He knows I’m the girl in the HNT photos. His eyes slowly move up to my breasts, then my neck where they linger a few seconds. Unhurried his gaze deliberately moves to my face. I can almost hear the hammer of my own heart. His expression changes becoming slightly reflective. I know he’s reviewing my HNT pictures in his mind, attaching my face to each one. Finally the spell is broken, as if coming out of a dream a smile spreads across his face.

He says, "You look familiar" and indeed, he was very familiar to me, also. I instantly knew who he was, he was very recognizable to me. I'd spent many minutes staring at his insanely sexy body, it was thrilling to see him in person. I wanted to tease him a bit so I say, “At first you looked familiar to me too, but now I’m not sure. I doubt you know me.”, then I take my time adjusting my tiny triangle bikini top; while I want to minimize tan lines, the real intent was to draw his attention to my barely concealed breasts.

“No, I know I know you.”, he said.

Good he isn’t backing down. "Oh really? From where do you recognize me?", I reply with nonchalant innocence.

Not bothering to mask his amusement he looks directly into my eyes, “I know you from your HNT photographs.”

I flash a coy sideways grin, “Well then maybe we do know each other.”, throwing in a little mock shyness for good measure. I was feeling incredibly excited, you could feel the sexual tension in the air growing like an electric charge.

Not to be outdone he proceeds to openly look me up and down exuding confidence. I return the favor mustering my courage and look him up and down, pausing a few extra seconds on his gorgeous hands resting on his hips, his wide chest, and of course his cock bulging in his swim trunks. I pull him out of line, “Come with me”, I say and lead him over to a secluded part of the water park behind a shed. Out of sight I pull him toward me and kiss him aggressively. Quickly kneeling down I see his manhood straining against his swim trunks. Grabbing the waistband I pull off his shorts, dive in and start sucking his now very hard and very large cock. He begins to moan, his breathing becoming labored; I know he is just about ready to cum. I stop and move my mouth to his stomach and legs allowing him time to "compose himself." He pulls me up and pushes me back against the shed, oh my he’s strong. Forcefully he jams his giant cock into my dripping wet pussy. A sharp intake of breath and a gasp quickly turns into moans as he continues ramming me until I am unsure if I can take anymore; I find myself digging my nails into the back of his shoulders. Suddenly my legs go wobbly. I clutch his shoulders to remain upright while an enormous, satisfying orgasm shudders through me wave after wave. Smiling I run my hands over his chest, slick with sweat from the effort. Gladly I kneel down to finish him off with my mouth...

Abruptly the reverie of my fantasy is broken. My neighbor is knocking on the gate to my yard asking if I'd like him to mow my lawn. His eyebrows spring up in surprise when I open the gate, with an embarrassed flush I realized I was topless.

- Story by Cara AKA BrightPink, Edited by DauntlessD


GoodWill said...

Oh holy hell that's hot! Words and picture HHNT!

Mr. Dryden said...

Very lovely, mmm mmm good!