Friday, May 27, 2011

Stupid Kat Tricks

I know I come across as a very smooth prowler who never makes a mistake, but that’s only because you’re reading the grown-up and experienced Kat.  I was once a a naive little kitten out there in the prowling world and I made more than my fair share of stupid mistakes. In fact, I still make a mistake from time to time.  Hard to believe, huh?

At the risk of looking very stupid, I’ve decided to share some of the dumb prowling mistakes I’ve made. Hopefully, you little kittens and puppies out there will learn from them.  I also want to say that, while I have fun telling the stories, this is serious business.  Any of these mistakes could have spelled disaster for me, and I know that. That said, try not to laugh too loudly at my stupidity.

Here are the stupidest mistakes I’ve made (in no particular order of stupidity):

Using my home phone for long distance phone sex - This was a long time ago (about 20 years ago) and was my first experience with anything even close to prowling. I was still a very cute 20-something trophy Kat at the time for my 40-something tomcat of a husband.  It never occurred to me that my husband would look at the bill that closely.  It also never occurred to me that he would call those numbers and even go see some of those gentlemen and tell them to stay away from his wife.  Hey, I thought I was being safe by not giving them our phone number (this was before the days of caller ID). Verdict: Really stupid.

Giving my regular personal email address to guys from Ashley Madison - This was a more recent stupid trick. Again, I thought I was being smart by not using my work email, but my personal email address has my real first initial and last name in it, and when you get an email from me, my full name shows up. With my full name and Google, you can find out just about everything about me, my business, my family.......uuggghhh. It was DauntlessD who called this to my attention very shortly after we met. Soon after that, I created my shackledkat account. Fortunately, none of the guys who had the other email caused any problem at all. Dodged a bullet on that one.  Verdict: Unbelievably stupid.

Using my business credit card to rent a room locally - I own my own business, so I wasn’t worried about the boss finding out, but I had the nosiest bookkeeper in the world at that time, and she wanted to know every detail about everything. I told her it was personal, and that should have been enough for bookkeeping purposes, but she kept asking about it. I caught her once calling a hotel to try to get information about how long I had stayed, if anyone was with me, etc. Maybe I should mention now that she isn’t my bookkeeper anymore.  Verdict: Stupid.

Meeting someone I had just met online in a secluded location, alone, at night, when no one else knew where I was - This was a long time ago, and I knew then that it was stupid, but I did it anyway.  Fortunately, everything went ok, but I was lucky. I haven’t done it again. Verdict: Dangerously stupid.

Not deleting photos and other incriminating evidence from my phone - I’m usually pretty good at this, but about a month ago, my husband grabbed my phone and started going through my photos.  No, he didn’t find any cock pics (thank god!), but he did find several of Cara’s HNT pics. Explaining why I had near naked photos of a female friend was a challenge, but I managed of course. I did notice, though, that the next time he saw Cara (she’s a real life friend of ours) he was a bit more attentive than usual. Verdict: Uncomfortably stupid.

Not using a condom every time - I get tested regularly, but not using a condom every time is just a disaster waiting to happen.  Of course, I’ve always asked everyone Ive been with if they have any communicable diseases, but no one ever says, “Yes, I do. We should use a condom” or “I don’t think so, but I’ve had unprotected sex with several women recently, so we should use a condom for your protection.” No, the answer is always something like, “No, Baby, definitely get over here and ride my cock, Honey”  or “No way! Bend over and let me fuck that ass of yours.” What arrogance it was to assume that for some reason I didn’t have to use the same protective measures as everyone else. I’ve been very, very fortunate, but now I’m more careful. Verdict: Arrogantly stupid.

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but this list could go on and on, but that’s about enough for one post.  I’ll share the rest another time.

In the meantime, as Michael Conrad used to say on Hill Street Blues (yes, I know I’m dating myself), “Let’s be careful out there.”


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your tips and tricks. I just got a prepaid credit card for hotels after a hotel authorized my card for $20 for incidentals and it stayed on my account for a week. I was in a panic all week until it disappeared. Thanks for helping us all not get caught!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're right on the mark! Thank god I didn't do any of those well OK..two..condoms (yea got PG not once twice) really stupid...but back in late 80's and of course got the ugly A word. Felt guilty? NO..I felt all around for sake of my marriage (13 years at that point) wasn't ruining everyone lives and mine.

As far as emails had a hotmail acct or if used my regular isp always deleted the emails photo's etc. But then again, hub don't even use a comp hates them nor does he own a smart phone nor does he know any of my passwords (hell I got so many accts, online shopping list goes on and on even I don't know them all hence list of them). But I never write down the passwords, just the first couple of letters.

And if ever shared the expensive of a motel, even use my own CC card paid cash...again somewhat stupid (but hub never goes through bills even after 37 years of marriage).. Thank god! I always wanted him to accept the responsibilty of sharing paying the bills (writing checks out) but looking bad to this day glad I took that on myself).

Linda (known as Hotredhead on Riff's forums)
P.S. Wow, your the 3rd person only I ever told about the first issue mentioned above after 25 years (don't you feel special!!)...

Liam said...

Hey Kat,

I think we were typing "silly me" blog posts at the same time this afternoon. Must be something in the air today.

Anonymous said...

I was tested for the usual then ended up with HPV (genital warts), this can be contracted even using protection! If you have not been immunized for this, get the shot NOW!

Riff Dog said...

How's this for stupid: I read the part about your husband finding the pix of Cara, then I wondered how did he know it was Cara??? Then I realized your version of the pix wouldn't be headless. D-uh.

I've made some of these same mistakes, by the way. (Except I don't have any pix of Cara on my iPhone. Just pix of DauntlessD. Mmmmmm, sexy!)

Kat said...

Linda-- I do feel special. Thanks for sharing that with me and a few hundred of my closest friends.

Liam - Yes, we're on the same page. After reading your post, I changed the notifications on my iPhone to be safe, but I find it annoying now when a notification pops up without the message preview. I guess I can't have both convenience and safety, can I?

Riff - Nice to know you made some of these mistakes, too...Well, not that I'm happy you made mistakes, but at least I feel less stupid about mine knowing I'm not alone. AS for the pics, I might be convinced to send you some special pics of Cara. What do you have to trade? ;-) And who wouldn't hold onto pics of sexy DauntlessD?